Friday, February 13, 2009

How to maximize your eBay profits by scheduling your auctions

After selling on eBay for over 10 years I have learned a few 'tricks' to improve the final selling price of your item.
It seems simple when you think about it, but the tip is to schedule the day and time when your auction will close. Now this really does not matter if you plan on listing your item in an eBay store or using the 'buy it now' option.
In case you are wondering who I am my username on eBay is hat3deals.

When you list your item think about when the auction will close. Will it close on a night when most people are watching a really popular show, or is going to close around midnight on the west coast when people are probably asleep?

What you can do is schedule when your auction will start, which of course will impact the end date/time of your auction.

Use the option to 'Schedule start time ($0.10)' and choose a good time and day for your auction to close. This will add 10 cents to the cost of the auction, but it is worth the extra cost.

I prefer to schedule my auctions on the weekends for 7 days, end times around 2-3pm CST. Remember eBay times are based on west coast time PST.

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Keith Anupe said...

Though this post is a bit old its message is true nonetheless. I always arrange for my auctions to end during the prime evening hours in the US every day of the week (except Saturday which never drove many sales).

Being at my computer and remembering to keep my listings populated for all these days became time consuming which is why I developed the Auction Scheduler software. It is a web based tool that allows me to setup recurring eBay listings - a single schedule was all I needed to keep the sales coming it.

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